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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

CrafterPlus is one of the most reliable manufacturers of custom parts. From rapid prototyping to continuous production, we can bring your designs and ideas to life in just a few days.

CNC Machining

3, 4 and 5 Axis milling and turning prototype and production parts. From Simple to complex geometries.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting, stamping, bending, welding and riveting from prototype to production parts.

Injection Molding

Molding machines from 80T to 600T. Low-volume prototype molding and production molding are available .

3D Printing

Our range of 3D Printing services includes SLM, SLA, SLS, MJF and Urethane Casting.

How to Work with CrafterPlus

To get simple parts with a standard lead time of 3 days. Upload your parts and try it.

Upload your 2D and 3D models​
Quote and Analyze Manufacturability​
Free DFM Communication and Order Confirmation
Complete Production and Delivery

Why CrafterPlus Can be Trusted

Quality Assurance

At CrafterPlus, with our exceptional track record and certificated by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949, we offer you the assurance of a trusted partnership. Our expertise lies in transforming your ideas into reality, whether it’s a simple prototype or a complex production part. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art machines allow us to achieve the tightest tolerances, ensuring precision to an impressive +/-0.001mm.

Strong Manufacturing Capability

With a legacy of excellence, our machining factory is equipped with cutting-edge production and inspection equipment. Our engineers boast over 15 years of experience, ensuring expertise in every project. From prototypes to mass production, we blend premium materials with state-of-the-art technology. Our comprehensive range includes CNC turning, milling, injection molding, and 3D printing. Supported by skilled technicians, we guarantee optimal product quality round the clock. Experience unrivaled capabilities and trust us as your reliable machining partner. 

24/7 Engineering Support for Your Success

Understanding that manufacturing needs can arise anytime, we have an experienced team providing 24/7 days engineering support services ready to address your inquiries. Our engineering professionals excel in providing critical advice and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback. With their expert guidance, you can optimize your designs, save considerable costs, and maintain a higher and more consistent level of quality control through standardization. This specialized and timely support can be the deciding factor in making your projects more efficient, effective, and ultimately, more profitable.


Ordering Process​

Instant Quote

Upload your 2D drawings / CAD files, you will receive quotations within 24H.

DFM Feedback

Our engineers will review the manufacturability  and send DFM to you for confirmation.

Order Acceptance

We accepted official orders from the customers. No MOQ, start from 1unit.

Start Production

Drawings /CAD files will be reviewed again before production, and then start production.

Inspection & Delivery

Qualified parts inspected by quality engineer will send to customers via DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Your Global Partner Nextwork

Our Advantages

Our Commitment

As CrafterPlus is a company adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we meticulously incorporate ISO standards across our manufacturing processes, ensuring consistently superior product quality. We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for rapid prototyping and production, a testament to our commitment to precision and manufacturing accuracy. Further bolstering our quality control measures, we house advanced testing and measurement equipment to confirm that each component aligns perfectly with your specified requirements.

Proficient Technical Assistance

Boasting a team of committed and skilled engineers and technicians, CrafterPlus is ready to address your issues with round-the-clock, proficient assistance.

Strict Quality Assurance

We abide by a strict quality management system to ensure we produce high-quality prototypes and production parts.

Rework and Refund Policy

If the parts do not align with the specified requirements, please reach out to us within five working days of order receipt, and we pledge to rectify your issue within one to three working days.

Our Honor

CrafterPlus as a machining specialist, we take pride in the glowing reputations earned from our global customers base. Our ability to meet customers needs effectively is validated by numerous testimonials. This positive feedback is a testament to our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.  Choosing us as your CNC machining partner guarantees a reliable, professional, and highly-regarded service.

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Part packaging is pivotal to our customers. Even perfectly manufactured parts can suffer damage during transit due to inadequate packaging, leading to a negative experience for everyone involved. Consequently, we place immense emphasis on the packaging process. Ensuring parts reach our customers in pristine condition is paramount and constitutes the most critical stage of delivery.

Step 1

Once the parts are completed, each one will be individually wrapped with clean white paper.

Step 2

Per the customer’s specifications, we have the flexibility to individually package each part in PE bags.

Step 3

We use 0.5mm to 1cm thick pearl cotton to protect parts from collision damage during transit.

Step 4

With varied parts per order, we label each package to make it easy for clients to tell them apart.

Step 5

We reinforce carton corners and add packing straps for transit safety to prevent box damage.

Step 6

When dealing with a large quantity of parts, we use pallets and stretch film for stronger packaging.

Step 7

For bulkier and heavier parts, we resort to wooden crates for packing, ensuring the parts’ safety during transit.


We partner with globally recognized courier services like FedEx, DHL, and UPS to guarantee timely delivery as expected by our customers, but also facilitate easy tracking of the parts’ logistics status.

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